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2018-10-18 / Letters to the Editor

Town’s problems are its leaders

Is it about quality, not quantity? Which is the problem?

Once again, the democratic process is happening in West Seneca. Whatever the voters decide, “up” or “down”? The goal needs to be to elect people with ideas, who can lead.

The trouble does not fall on the board size if it’s three or five. Do you remember when Paul Clark was supervisor for 16 years, 12 years ago when more than 96 percent of the votes were unanimous, with a board of five — this board of three with the same results? Three did not change the outcome of higher taxes.

As someone who was involved in the downsizing, the problem was the people who were elected. West Seneca elected the people who were self-serving, who did not carry out the goals of less government.

If we elect the same people, we will have the same problem, no matter the size.

Electing a board that listens to all the citizenry needs to be a priority, not just to benefit them. We need a participatory budgeting process, transparency and ethics. No longer should the Town Board be able to choose the people who are responsible for their oversight.

If the goal is a smaller government with fewer taxes, stop having people move from one town position to another. This practice increases the likelihood of fraud and increased taxes.

One consideration might be “volunteer positions”; as a past volunteer school board member, it can be done. If this were the case, we would not have to be worried about rising costs, and the Town Board size could even increase.

This is one instance of many where it’s about better ideas, not the same old, same old.

Moving West Seneca forward, together, is about good ideas and people who can implement them — not the number of board members.

Jim Lawson
Pine Court North

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