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2018-04-12 / Front Page

Space leased to Spot Coffee, Chamber


Spot Coffee and the West Seneca Chamber of Commerce will officially be tenants of the West Seneca Community Center following its scheduled completion in May. The Town Board entered into lease agreements with both entities on Monday.

Both agreements follow best practice with specific lease terms for each tenant.

Spot Coffee has agreed to a 10-year lease in exchange for 647 square feet of a “vanilla shell” to be improved at the cost of the tenant without rental abatements.

The lease provides a cafe space and community room area with dry goods storage, public seating areas and an outdoor patio.

Rent payments will increase twice, starting at a rate of $8,500 per year for years one through three, to $9,350 for years four through six and $10,285 for years seven through 10. Rent will continue to increase annually should the lease be extended.

Rent includes the cost of water, HVAC service, lighting and use of the existing waste disposal services provided on the premises. Additionally, the electricity for the cafe will be metered and paid for by the tenant.

For the Chamber, the town will provide 481 square feet of a “vanilla shell” for a base term of three years. The rent will be $7,200 per year.

According to the lease, the Chamber will have the option to renew the lease twice for a period of five years each time.

Rental amounts are based upon the town’s third-party appraiser and are reflective of fair market value, according to Town Attorney John Fenz.

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