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2015-02-19 / Letters to the Editor

Restaurant servers deserve quality tips

I recently read David Sherman’s column on tipping and minimum wage legislation. While interesting and informative of current proposed legislation, I find a little trouble in the way in which the article is written.

It appears that his column is centered around tipping, yet he lists the current minimum wage at $8.75 per hour. My issue is that this may give your readers the impression that the servers they tip receive this wage when in actuality the server minimum wage is only $5.50 per hour in New York State.

I am assuming that you were not aware of this fact rather than that you purposefully transposed the state minimum wage with the server minimum wage to support your article.

As a server, it can be difficult to work at such a low wage because many jobs require the server to tip out a percentage to hosts, busers, and sometimes cooks as well, and this greatly reduces your take home pay on top of the $5.50.

It is unfortunate that many restaurants would not make much profit if they were forced to pay servers state minimum wages, but servers provide a facet of the hospitality experience that would be lacking without their presence.

When I dine out, I like to think of my tip to the server as what it is, a gratuity to a person who has provided me with the hospitality that I could not have enjoyed had I opted to enjoy the cuisine of the restaurant in my own home as a takeout dish.

I appreciate the fact that you mentioned that your standard tip is 20 percent; it shows consideration for the person taking care of your needs.

Ruthie Luzak
Niagara Falls Boulevard
Town of Tonawanda

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