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2015-02-19 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Attention, veterans. Call your West Seneca School Board so you can get the same tax credits on your school property taxes just like the town and county credits. It has to be voted on by March 1 to be effective for the October bill.

.Let’s spend more of the hard-earned taxpayer money. Councilman Hart wants to buy the old St. Bonaventure site for $400,000 and said it would have little effect on taxpayers. A little effect for Mr. Hart might be a large effect on fixed-income taxpayers. He said it has to be renovated; what will that cost? If the town board “three in a room” want to spend that kind of money, it should be put to referendum vote.

.After reading the article regarding the loss of Mr. Jim Pace as historian for the Town of West Seneca, I am very upset. Mr. Pace is responsible for so many forward steps, and I’d like to know who is responsible for letting us fall backwards. Some people just need to grow up even at their age.

.It’s a shame to hear the resignation of our town historian; the town has lost a man who has done great work. Maybe the powers-that-be should stop and embrace change; change is usually for the better. Also, stop interpreting and saying things your own way and not speaking the truth. The museum is not your house; it belongs to the people of West Seneca.

.There is no reason the volunteer firemen in our district cannot clear snow from around fire hydrants. Many homeowners are senior citizens and cannot clear their hydrants.

.Everyone is upset about taxes and one big cost is labor. Why are there still three men on a garbage truck? You have the totes and mechanical arm. Waste Management pulls up with one guy driving and manages to do his job, but we still have three people.

.If the chief of Reserve Fire Company is so concerned about hydrants being cleaned, he should call a drill and take his people out to show them how to clear hydrants. Then they would know the location of the hydrants. If there is no law about hydrants, start working on one now.

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