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2014-10-23 / Letters to the Editor

Leash your dog at soccer fields

As a regular visitor to the soccer fields in West Seneca I see many people walking their dogs. I am one of them. Most act responsibly — dog is on leash, dog is under control, dog is cleaned up after.

A small percentage of the dog owners visiting this area do not act in this manner. I assume that because they have some control of their dog off leash, they think they don’t need one. Maybe they haven’t read the signs that say a leash is required for all dogs.

I have seen unleashed, friendly appearing dogs approach others that aren’t too friendly. This makes it difficult for the owner of the leashed pet. He/she has no control over the visiting dog. Things can get out of hand quickly.

Dogs like children. What if the loose dog knocks over some unsuspecting toddler? Who’s to blame for that — the supervising parent or the dog owner? A leash would keep that question from needing an answer.

And what about the inevitable? Dogs relieve themselves when the moment arises. If the dog is 50 feet away, will the owner even be able to find the pile? That’s assuming the owner saw it happen in the first place.

This morning I was walking my own dog. A lady jogged by with hers. The dog was right beside her. I guess I just figured there was a leash because they were so close. As she passed, and I turned around, I noticed her continuing to jog away while the dog stopped and left a pile. She had managed to get a good 100 feet ahead. She had no idea what her dog was doing.

No matter how good a dog is, things can happen unexpectedly. Please leash your dog.

Kevin Fridman
East and West Road

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