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2013-07-04 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.I’d like to thank the West Seneca Highway Department for the excellent paving job on Pinewood and also the Dutchess and Princess areas. I appreciate the excellent job.

.Another West Seneca Community Days has passed. My question is, why is the beer distributor an out-of-town company, when we have Certo Brothers, which is a member of the West Seneca community and North America Drive and employs a lot of West Seneca residents? Why is this allowed year after year?

.I see in Clarence, now that the budget passed and they cut activities, they are collecting money to bring the activities back. Maybe this is something all schools should do. Instead of taxpayers paying for all the programs that have nothing to do with education, maybe they should all have fund-raisers for sports, music, etc. It would save taxpayers a lot of money.

.New York State is one of only four states to ban commercial-level fireworks, because New York values its people, their pets and property. Let’s not require death and maiming and senseless destruction to prove the validity of this law.

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