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2012-02-02 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

  • What a shame to read the town clerk’s [column] in The Bee before she retired. She had to get a last complaint in about her department being understaffed. I never heard her complain about the four paychecks she received from taxpayers for many years: one for town clerk, one for vital records, one for secretary to the planning board and one for secretary to the zoning board. I also didn’t hear her complaining about her guaranteed pension and free health insurance for life paid by taxpayers that she’ll be receiving in retirement.
  • The supervisor is moving back to West Seneca Town Hall, but I thought that spot was reserved for much-needed police space. They are crowded now, and it is a danger for the police officers. Safety is an issue; she could stay at Burchfield. Taxpayers should have to pay for her to move back to town hall.
  • Is the SPCA still planning to build/move into West Seneca?
  • Just so we can preserve a high real estate commission, we are suspending sewer inspections. We can continue to pump sewage into our creeks and streams, and they continue to refer home inspections to their buddies who pass them without finding anything, until the new homeowner has to find the expensive repairs on their own.
  • It is interesting that the planned Union Road work, between town hall and Southgate Plaza, cost the same amount that was withdrawn from the town hall police space renovation — a bit like swapping GPS grant funds for security cameras. Who benefits? Certainly not West Seneca residents.
  • I keep reading about how West Seneca town taxes are going down. Well, I got my bill today and, to my surprise, the town general fund went down 1 percent, but the library tax increased 1.3, highway went up 2.2, sewer tax went up 2.5 and the fire department went up 1.9. Boy, my taxes went down; I don’t know how I can thank the town for all this generosity.
  • Regarding chief vehicles in Reserve, no matter how many there are (now three), I had a first aid call for my husband a week ago and no chief vehicles showed up. It was 12 o’clock in the afternoon on a Sunday. Two elderly gentleman showed up in a first aid truck, and I’m sure they had their hands full. Luckily, my husband wasn’t as sick as we thought, or he may not even be around. They have all these vehicles and equipment, but where are they when a call comes in? They never seem to be around.
  • I don’t understand why people don’t call the proper office in West Seneca rather than call Bee Heard. For example, a code enforcement officer should be called instead of calling Bee Heard.
  • Did the assistant chief who uses his own vehicle pay for the installation of lights and the siren or did taxpayers? Does he pay for gasoline and insurance, or do taxpayers? If he is in an accident and someone gets severely hurt or killed, is he responsible or are taxpayers liable? It’s all well and good that he uses his personal vehicles, but are we still paying the bills?

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