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2011-10-06 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Anyone blaming the school for Jamey Rodemeyer’s death is a fool. You can only blame the kids who were directly involved. It’s not the parents’ fault or principal’s fault. It’s the three boys who were directly involved. Blaming anyone else is just taking the blame off where it should be.

.When talking about bullying, let’s put the blame where it lies: on Facebook and on parents and families. Teachers have 125 kids every day; parents usually have two or three. They need to know where their children are and what they are doing every night. Shut down the computers, remove their Facebook accounts and the bullying will stop.

.Thank you to the supporters of the Rodemeyer family who attended the candlelight vigil on Sunday evening. It was a beautiful way for everyone, especially the kids, to help heal from this tragedy.

.I am not a teacher, but I strongly support teachers. Bullies are made at home; teachers have to deal with what walks in the classroom door. Parents bear the responsibility for bullies. Unfortunately, parents of bullies usually don’t recognize this problem and defend their children. I suggest the schools work closely with parents to develop a program to deal with bullying and parents strongly support the schools in their efforts when they must confront this issue.

.What responsibility do parents have that these children are doing the bullying? Why are they not taught at home the value of any other person regardless of things? This does not fall on all and only the schools. Something has to be taught at home.

.Jamey’s awful death has finally started to take down the bullies at Williamsville North. It is awful that this was so long in coming. I hope those who looked the other way in the past now see what their lack of response has caused.

.My comment on bullying: if you don’t respect the President of the United States and teachers, you probably don’t respect gays and lesbians. Put the blame where it belongs.

.The people of West Seneca have to make sure we are making the best decisions for us taxpayers when we vote in November. In all the literature stuffed in our mailboxes and ads in various papers, never once did I see anything stated what Mrs. Meegan’s education and qualifications are to responsibly come up with a budget and run the Town of West Seneca in a cost-effective way. If the worse thing they can say about Mr. Piotrowski is that he is making cuts and he is a penny pincher, then I know who I am voting for to watch over my money. Keep up the good work, Wally.

.We moved into West Seneca 20 years ago (new build); our taxes were $2,300. Twenty years later, they are $5,300. There are five homeowners on three streets who have not been able to sell their houses for more than a year. No one wants to come into West Seneca to pay these outrageous taxes.

.Am I the only one who feels the supervisor should be in the West Seneca Town Hall and not the Burchfield? Also, our part-time councilmen, do they really need their own office? They are already getting full-time benefits for part-time work.

.No GPS system for the highway department? What’s the matter? Are you afraid to find out where your vehicles are at all times?

.Once again I got my school tax bill and it’s gone up another $105 from last year. A couple weeks ago I read about a new parking lot at East Senior, and a new gym and weight rooms at the schools. Maybe we ought to start worrying about what a school is for: learning, instead of wasting money. Boy, I can’t wait for the 2 percent increase on our taxes.

.About the barking dogs, I go to bed by 7 p.m. and get up at 4 a.m. and I don’t hear the dogs. What I do hear are all the loud, yelling, screaming kids.

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